Architecture & Heritage Planning Sunday Tour

Did you know that back in the time of the knights the easiest way of getting into Valletta was through Porta Marina? This single arch gate was in the time of the British replaced by what we know as the Victoria Gate.  

At the time, this area of Valletta, better known as the Ta’ Liesse area was one of the busiest parts of Valletta. Ships used to berth close by, bringing produce from Italy and Gozo, and the shops which lined Marina Street used to be a hive of activity, with wholesalers supplying the other shops in Valletta.

Although still a shadow of its past, today this area is slowly being regenerated. Tucked away from the busy streets of Valletta, the Ta’ Liesse area contains an array of baroque buildings, palazzos and extensive fortifications built by the Order of the Knights.

So if you are interested in Malta’s cultural heritage and architecture, why not join us on our monthly educational Sunday Tour. The tour will also focus on interesting aspects of traditional construction features, practices in historic and current urban heritage planning and examples of different buildings typical of the time when they were built amongst others. The tour is led by professionals in the field of Heritage Planning and Conservation. 

If you are interested book a place  contact us on telephone no. 2290 2021/9942 5222 or send an email on [email protected]. Places are on a first come first serve basis. A €3 fee will be charged per participant. The fee will be donated to Malta Autism Centre. 

The tour will leave from in front of the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana. The tour starts at 9:00am sharp and will end by 12:30hrs.

Dates of the upcoming tour:

28th October 2018

18th November 2018

09th December 2018

27th January 2019

24th February 2019

24th March 2019

7th April 2019

5th May 2019