Summer Breaktime


Demolition and excavation works will not be permitted within tourism areas during the coming three months of summer. The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) in collaboration with the Building Regulation Office (BRO) and the Planning Authority have identified the localities and streets where such works will not be permitted, between the 15th June and the 30th September 2019.

Conscious that the demolition and excavation phase at a construction site is by far the greatest inconvenience for the surrounding neighbourhood, the legal notice (LN295/07) mitigates the nuisance that such sites have on both the tourism industry and the number of Maltese families who move to their summer residence.

Any illegal excavation and demolition works carried out during this period, in the identified localities and streets, may be reported to the Building Regulation Office on telephone number 2292 7608 (during office hours) or 9963 7508 (after office hours).

The Malta Tourism Authority is the Competent Authority to identify the localities and streets where demolition or excavation works cannot be carried out. MTA reserves the right to change or amend the list of streets as it deems necessary.

If there are any streets that you wish to see included in next year’s Tourist Areas List, please send an email to your Local Council for onward transmission to the Malta Tourism Authority by the end of July 2019.