Vacancy Details

Senior Planning Technician

Issued date 23-04-2019
Closing date 07-05-2019

The Planning Authority is committed to ensure that land use meet the needs of today’s society and future communities.

The role requires a person/s to assist in the evaluating of applications for Development Permission, Development Control, and Forward Planning tasks and processes.

The Planning Authority is seeking to recruit Senior Planning Technician (4 years definite)

The selected candidate / s will be responsible for:-

The job incumbent is expected to undertake the following duties amongst others:-

2.1          Receiving applications for development permission, checking for completeness and calculating or checking Building Levy due, referring back incomplete applications indicating discrepancies with established check-list and Building Levy required, and inputting data in Development Control  Information System.

2.2          Maintaining a public interface, including discussing planning issues with the general public and architects over the counter; giving advice on development proposals and on current applications in relation to statutory development plans and/or policy documents; and dealing with general correspondence and answering written queries.

2.3          Processing applications for development permission allocated by a senior officer, including the carrying out of consultations with statutory bodies; making site visits, assessing applications in relation to the Structure Plan, relevant Local Plan and other policies/standards, and preparing development permission application reports with specific recommendations for endorsement by a more Senior Officer.

2.4          Carrying out consultations, discussions, and negotiations with applicants and their architects/professional advisers, and liaison with representatives of other agencies, statutory bodies, community organizations and with the general public; and making recommendations to applicants and their agents on the changes required to applications to enable their approval, having regard to policies and proposals of current Structure/Local Plans.

2.5          Assisting planning officers and/or Principal Technical Officers in preparing and implementing plans, policies, reports and documents on matters relating to strategic and local planning policy, including the formulation of development briefs; monitoring and review of the Structure Plan; preparation of local plans; and evaluation of policies, plans etc.; and the setting up and maintenance of the necessary databases and carrying out the necessary surveys and data collection and analysis.

2.6          Assisting in the monitoring and review of policies and statistical information and carrying out or assisting in the carrying out of surveys of land use, development, environmental, demographic, socio-economic and other relevant issues, and trends.

2.7          Assisting in the preparation and implementation of planning studies, plans, policies, reports, documents, information and advice relating to any planning issue or matter concerned with the functions of the Unit.

2.8          Preparing statements on requests for re-consideration and drafting out statements for Appeals and assisting senior staff at Appeals Hearings.

2.9          As necessary, attending meetings of the Development Control Commission, public meetings, exhibitions or other functions to assist more senior staff.


2.10       Assisting Planning Officers in managing and scheduling the workload of the Team/Unit to obtain maximum effectiveness whilst ensuring the maintenance of standards.

2.11       Interpreting building/road alignments on large scale surveys.

2.12       Contributing to the process of dealing with requests for disposal of Government-owned land and reviews applications for changes to building/road alignments and drafting the necessary recommendations.

2.13       Making use of information technology tools to formulate reports,  present data,  plot data on digital maps and communicate internally with other officers through IT.

2.14       Carrying out related subsidiary and ancillary tasks within the normal flexibility of the job.


Successful candidates must be in possession of the following:-

Route A or Route B

Route A:


A secondary level of education with six passes at ‘O’ level including Maltese, English and a technical subject or equivalent qualifications approved by MQRIC.  Preferably, the candidate should also possess Higher Certification in Land Administration (Planning). Experience of planning control functions including survey work, analysis, and interpretation of data and working in a planning office for 3 to 4 years.


Diploma MQF Level 5 in Planning, Environmental Management, Urban Design, Architecture, and Urban Geography or an appropriate, recognized, comparable qualification approved by MQRIC and experience of planning control functions including survey work, analysis, and interpretation of data and working in a planning office for 3 to 4 years.

Route B:


2 years working as an Assistant Planning Technician plus 4 years working as Planning Technician.  Or 6 years working as a Planning Technician.  Good understanding of the planning process, the Structure Plan, Subsidiary plans and the Development Planning Act.  Candidates who apply through all the above-mentioned requisites (Route A or Route B) must also be computer literate preferably in the use of ACAD.

Skills: Applicable to Route A and B.  Interpersonal, leadership, general management, report writing, communication and computer literate with a preference of ACAD working experience.

Interested candidates are advised to submit their application, together with a detailed curriculum vitae by email on [email protected] to:

The Human Resources Manager

Planning Authority

Ref:  Senior Planning Technicians

Jobsplus Permit No: 301/2019

The Data Processing form should also be submitted. 

Closing Date: Tuesday 7th May 2019. Extension period for submission of applications and accompanying cvs which enable consideration for this position will be uploaded on the Planning Authority webpage from time to time.