Vacancy Details

Professional Officer (Data Harmonisation and Standardisation)

Issued date 05-08-2019
Closing date 09-10-2019

The Planning Authority is committed to ensure that land use meet the needs of today’s society and future communities.


The selected candidate will be responsible :-

Main Responsibilities

  1. Day to day work related to spatial datasets, technical interaction with public authorities and the maintenance, administration and support of the INSPIRE geoportal.

  2. Support to Head on the activities, operations, milestones, legal requirements, implementation and reporting obligations related to Directive 2007/2/EC for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) and any subsequent updates and related national legislation including the Infrastructure for Spatial Information Regulations.

  3. Coordinate tasks assigned which may include overall supervision, implementation and maintenance of standard procedures and practices.

  4. Participation in the INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Group (Technical).

  5. Serving as the technical reference point for internal Authority Directorates, suppliers, stakeholders, public authorities and INSPIRE technical groups.

  6. Support to Head on EU processes, including attendance to meetings and the relevant preparatory actions in relation to spatial information.

  7. Be conversant with INSPIRE and spatial information legislation and requirements through GIS standards, INSPIRE Implementing Directive (and any subsequent updates), rules, data specifications and technical guidelines as well as INSPIRE testing suite, tools and knowledgebase.

  8. Ensure the correct use of metadata compilation, viewing, editing and conformance to INSPIRE specifications, data harmonisation and network services within the Authority and at all stakeholders covered by the INSPIRE Directive (and any subsequent updates) and related national legislation including the Infrastructure for Spatial Information Regulations.

  9. Acquire and maintain knowledge on GIS standards, GIS practices & Standards in Malta and INSPIRE Themes, as well as quality standards and procedures.

  10. To provide training on data set management utilisation of spatial information as well as to promote the use of INSPIRE-related information in the PA and other stakeholders.

  11. Maintenance, administration and user support of the INSPIRE Geoportal, including discovery, view and download Services; data availability, sharing, uploads and publishing, as well as linkages between portal components and support, administration and configuration on all software components in use within the portal.

  12. To document, implement and maintain relevant processes within the Unit Quality Management System and actively participate in Internal Audits, Quality Management Review Meetings and Quality Assessment Audits.

  13. To support the Unit Manager in establishing, developing, implementing, and maintaining quality systems and activities within the Authority, as the need arises.

  14. To carry out various subsidiary tasks relevant to the effective operation in the job as the need arises.

Applicants should have:


  • Bachelor’s Degree recognized by the NCFHE (MQF Level 6) in GIS/IT Systems or an area with a significant content of GIS/IT.  Alternatively if no bachelor’s degree is held, a Master’s Degree recognized by the NCFHE (MQF Level7) in GIS/IT Systems or an area with a significant content of GIS/IT.

Candidates are to present scanned copies of all qualifications with their application.  Candidates who are in possession of foreign qualifications are to present proof of MQF Level equivalence with their application.



  • Minimum of two years experience in ICT or Geographic Information Systems development and support, after graduating.
  • Be conversant with INSPIRE-specific systems analysis and database design for geographic datasets and related information.


  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • Be conversant with GIS desktop tools (GI layer creating, viewing, editing, attributes, CRS conversion, etc).
  • To be able to understand, work with and maintain Data Management Tools in the following domains: GIS, CRS, encoding, attributes, code lists, local ids, styles, plotting, raster, vector, shapes, metadata elements related to spatial dataset. Such includes the responsibility pertaining to the verification of datasets.

The above post is for an indefinite period. Interested candidate/s are advised to submit their application, together with a detailed curriculum vitae to:

The Human Resources Manager
Planning Authority
Ref: Professional Officer (Data Harmonisation and Standardisation)
Jobsplus Permit 577/2019

By sending your application via email on [email protected]

The Data Processing form should also be submitted.

Closing Date: Wednesday 09th October 2019. Extension period for submission of applications and accompanying cvs which enable consideration for this position will be uploaded on the Planning Authority webpage from time to time.