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Solar Farm Policy

Approval date 03-10-2017

1. Background

This policy provides a definition of a solar farm and sets out the fundamental criteria which the Planning Authority deems appropriate to guide the planning and design of solar farm development and the proper evaluation of applications for such schemes. The policy also provides for solar farmsdevelopment, with a priority given to large scale rooftops, car parks, industrialareas and quarries. Furthermore, the policy encourages solar farm development which achieves dual or multiple uses of land, to ensure that urban areas are exploited in a more efficient manner.

Large scale PV development on rooftops, often gives a new lease of life to an otherwise unutilized space and being deployed within the built environment, would, in general, be easily integrated with the grid. Similarly, PV systems covering car parks, add extra value by providing shelter forvehicles and are the ideal places for the installation of EV charge points which are in turn being deployed as part of the national electro-mobility plan.

Quarries are prominent eyesores especially within the localities of Mqabba, Qrendi and Siggiewi. The policy shall encourage the restoration of suitable quarries, mitigating their negative visual impact and providing an opportunity to generate green electricity. Restoration of abandoned/disused quarries may also lead to backfilling with inert construction waste, relieving alternative sites.

The quarry industry is characterised by a relatively large number of operators. The police licenses were the only regulation of quarry operation until 1992 and included only a few conditions. With the introduction of the Development Planning Act in 1992, the quarry sector was taken under the control of the Planning Authority which provides for the planning policies and comprehensive control. Solar farm development on suitable quarries could serve as an opportunity for the operators to regularize their position and bring their operation in line with current policies and legislation

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