Supplementary Guidance Details

Fuel Service Stations Policy

Approval date 23-04-2015

1. Background

Government asked MEPA to prepare a policy paper that regulates the planning of new fuel stations. A number of planning review objectives were also communicated. In the light of the above, an ad hoc committee was appointed to discuss this policy. The committee included representatives from MEPA, Transport Malta, the Ministry for Energy and the Conservation of Water and the Civil Protection Department. This committee has met a number of times in order to discuss proposals related to fuel stations to be later communicated to government.

1.2 Following the communication received from government the following policy objectives were issued for public consultation on the 13th. September 2013 after being approved by MEPA board. The communicated policy objectives were:
a) To establish a policy framework for the location, scale and design of new fuel service stations and their ancillary development with a priority, but not exclusively, for land already committed to industrial development in close proximity to the development zone;

b) To provide specific additional guidance on the relocation of existing fuel service stations located within the urban area relating to the allowable increase in the number of pumps, the proximity of the new site to the urban settlement of the existing station and the road network;
c) To set out appropriate design standards for vehicular access and circulation, for both new and relocated service stations;
d) To identify the prior clearances required from other regulatory agencies to ensure safety of design and operation.


2. Documents