Supplementary Guidance Details

Cemeteries Policy

Approval date 23-04-2015

1. Background

This Policy and Design Guidance sets out the criteria which the Authority deems appropriate to guide the location, design and other considerations of development related to cemeteries. It also makes provision for the introduction of alternative funerary techniques. The document applies to any type of cemetery (human or animal), to any type of funerary technique, to any religion or rite, and to any type of ownership (Government or non-government). However, it is not meant to override the relevant legislations, planning policy measures, or environmental
regulations which are applicable to particular areas, sites or activities. For the purposes of this document, the area identified by Policy NWTQ16 [Recreation (Mixed Use)] on Policy Map 5 of the Ta’ Qali Action Plan (2000, and as amended in 2006) shall be deemed to be an existing animal cemetery.

There is no national planning policy regulating funerary techniques in the Maltese Islands. This document is therefore guided by the following strategic principles. Sustainable cemetery provision and re-use should respect the valuable role of natural assets and the open countryside, whilst safeguarding historic/archaeological features. The strategy seeks to allow only extensions to cemeteries in cases of justified demands and in suitable locations; to identify any potential impacts and establish best design practices to minimise such impacts; to restore and upgrade the existing cemeteries; and to make provision for alternative funerary techniques which may reduce the pressure for cemetery extensions in the long term.


2. Documents