Supplementary Guidance Details

Areas of containment (2012) Withdrawal of Guidance Document

Approval date 30-06-2016

1. Background

Areas of Containment (AoCs) were identified in three specific local plans of 2006 (Central Malta Local Plan, North West Local Plan, South Malta Local Plan) and predominantly accommodate industrial or commercial related activities located outside development zone (ODZ). 35 areas were designated in all. The Supplementary Planning Guidance intended to clarify what type of development can take place on AoCs beyond what is normally accepted ODZ, provide guidance on the procedure to be adopted for the planning of the AoCs and establish the extent of intensification in the interim period to the formal planning of the areas. The document also categorised the AoCs into those which could be formally planned out through the Planning Control Application procedure and those which had to await a Structure Plan Review.

2. Documents

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