Subject Plan Details

Yachting Development Subject Plan

Approval date 06-11-1997

1. Background

For a number of years there has been growing pressure for the development of additional nmarina facilities in the Maltese islands. In particular, concern has been expressed that Malta may be losing out on the associated benefits that such demand from international boat owners would bring to the Maltese economy.

Whilst the Malta Maritime Authority (MMA) and the Planning Authority are keen to respond to demand, they are concerned that such development should be carefully assessed in the light of international demand, the islands' environmental constraints and overall economic development.

The Maltese economy has grown rapidly during the past six years and this has fuelled a bdramatic expansion in yacht-ownership (although such high rates of growth in yacht-ownership may not continue in the long-term). The importance of tourism to the national economy is also evident, and the development of new yacht marinas would assist to diversify Malta's tourism product. Against this it must be borne in mind that there are many competing uses for Malta's limited coastline and further yachting development could intensify this. However, appropriate yachting development could bring benefits which would filter through a range of economic sectors with direct and indirect expenditure.

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