The Malta Scheduled Property Register

The Register contains properties and sites that are of cultural or natural importance and are being protected for present and future generations. The Register which carries the official list of Scheduled Properties and continuously gets updated provides results depending on the search carried out by the user. The searches are not pre set thus they are tailored to the needs of the user. Basic searches may be carried out by Category, by Year (of scheduling) or by Locality. More advanced searches may also be tailored according to the requirements of the user by selecting the Advanced Search Criteria button. Through this option, one may also search by street, property name or even degree of protection.

E.g. Enter the Area/Street Name . If you are not sure of the spelling you may only enter part of the name. eg.Tor will return Torri

Executive Council minutes relating to properties for which a reconsideration from scheduling and/or a request for descheduling or re-grading has been discussed - click here