Projects of Common Interest

To help create an integrated EU energy market, the European Commission has drawn up a list of energy infrastructure projects in the categories of electricity, gas, oil and carbon dioxide known as projects of common interest (PCIs). These projects are essential for completing the European internal energy market and for meeting the EU's energy policy objectives of affordable, secure and sustainable energy.

The EU has introduced specific regulations so that such projects are implemented in a timely manner. The regulations streamline, coordinate more closely and accelerate permit granting processes with enhanced public participation. Rules and guidance is also provided so that cross-border allocation of costs and risk-related incentives are addressed.

It also determines the conditions for eligibility of PCIs for Union financial assistance. A link to the Regulation is available here. The Regulation provides for a Union list of Projects of Common Interest and in Malta’s case the relevant project is the PCI Connection of Malta to the European Gas network. Further information on Malta’s PCI can be obtained from the Project Promoter’s website as follows:

The Planning Authority has prepared a Manual for the Permit Granting Process for PCIs in line with Article 9 of Regulation 347/2013. The manual provides information on the PA’s role as the Competent Authority, as well as information about other Authorities and major stakeholders. It outlines the permit granting process including the pre-application and the statutory permit granting procedures. The relevant applicable law, the required documentation to be submitted with an application for such PCIs and information on related public participation during the entire process is listed in the manual.