Planning Circular

Title Planning Circular Issued Date
Classification of vehicle roadworthiness testing (vrt) stations CIR 4/18 31-10-2018
PA funds available to Local Councils CIR 3/18 14-08-2018
CPPS and UIF contribution adjustment, the island-wide green transport fund, CPPS/UIF refunds CIR 2/18 30-05-2018
GDPR Compliant submissions CIR 1/18 23-05-2018
Online submission of planning control applications CIR 3/17 07-12-2017
Submission of change of perit/applicant on part of site CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Parking provision relating to outdoor tables & chairs CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Online submission of development notifications (dnos) CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Online submission of requests for compliance certification CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Amalgamation of PA funds available to local councils CIR 1/17 15-02-2017