December, 14, 2018

The Planning Authority sponsored an educational event organized by the Society of Architecture and Civil Engineering Students (SACES). During the second weekend of November, SACES organized its annual workshop where 140 students from the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta spent the time building installations and concepts which revolved around the theme Palindromos. A palindrome is derived from the Greek words “palin” (again) and “dromos” (direction) and represents a word, number or phrase which reads the same backward as it does forward.

SACES constantly strives for its workshops to be held in isolated locations so as to instil in our future architects a greater appreciation of the value of the buildings that form part of the Island's cultural heritage. This year was no different. St. Thomas Tower in Marsascala served as a perfect venue given the space and architectural aesthetic which it provided. This was a great experience not only for our students but also for the residents and guests who came to see what we were up to and to enjoy the ambience around and inside the Tower.

On the last day of the workshop, the students presented their work in front of Prof. Alex Torpiano, the Dean of the Faculty for the Built Environment, who complimented them for their work.