July, 19, 2019

The Planning Authority has granted full development permission to a proposed pedestrian bridge in Triq is-Salib tal-Marsa in Marsa.

The project will involve the construction of the pedestrian bridge with ancillary passenger lifts and staircase.  The bridge is expected to be a link between Triq Nazzjonali and Triq is-Salib tal-Marsa in Marsa. Not only will the bridge increase the safety and the well-being of the many pedestrians who cross this busy main road regularly, but also will eliminate the need for traffic lights whilst making traffic, smoother, faster and safer.

The bridge will be constructed in the area known as Blata l-Bajda, which is considered to be an important public transport interchange. The development will make use of the topography of the area and the difference in levels between the two pedestrian nodes.   

The bridge’s footings are to be in reinforced concrete while the bridge will be composed of timber decking on steel girders and transverse beams with integrated lighting within the hand rails.