June, 06, 2019

With summer just around the corner, the popularity for spending time on the beach is steadily increasing. Summer draws many locals and tourists to the coastline where space is of essence. To cater for this high demand and provide a superior quality touristic product, the Planning Authority has approved the replenishing of two sandy beaches in the south of Malta, namely the eroded beach of St. George’s Bay in Birzebbuga and the beach at il-Fajtata, St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala.

The approved experimental project at the small beach of St. George’s Bay in Birzebbuga will see the sandy replenished using the sand from the seabed within the same bay. It is estimated that some 1,500 cubic meters of sand are to be dredged up. The beach extension is expected to be around 25m wide, covering around 645m².

Similarly, the small beach known as il-Fajtata, St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala, will see the beach extended to be approximately 36m wide, covering around 221m². The sand for the extension will sourced from the seabed.

Both bays will remain public beaches free from sunbeds and kiosks.