SpatialTRAIN Scholarships Scheme

March, 29, 2018

The SpatialTRAIN Scholarships Scheme offers scholarships in the field of geospatial technology (Geomatics) for persons employed within the public sector and public service. A total of 175 scholarships will be offered at MQF level 4 (certificate), level 5 (diploma), level 6 (Bachelor degree) and level 7 (Masters degree).

Together with the training component of the PA’s current ERDF SIntegraM project, the ESF SpatialTRAIN project will ensure the enhancement of human capacity in the spatial themes across all governmental entities.

SpatialTRAIN Scholarships Scheme - Project Brief


Information Points on how to apply


SpatialTrain Scholarships Scheme Regulations view
Appendix I - Form of Undertaking for Government Scholarships Holders view

Appendix III - from Manual of Staff Development in the Public Administration


CALL ONE: MQF levels 4 and 5 - Submission deadlines for Call 1 are open indefinitely pending further notice to provide interested officers with more flexibility in applying. However, prospective applicants should still apply as early as possible since the call could be closed at short notice.

MQF levels 6 and 7 - Call 2 is now open. Submission deadline: 6th September 2019.

For queries or more information, kindly email [email protected].

MQF L4 and L5 courses
Academic calendar - call 1                                                                                                    view
Academic calendar - call 2 view
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