International Funded Projects

The Planning Authority has long recognized that EU and international funds have the potential to act as a key lever for achieving the aims of regulating land use development. For the past years, the Planning Authority has been successful at securing funds from the EU and international sources for projects that support the achievement of its business objectives. This section contains information about recent projects the Authority is currently managing and other past land use planning related projects.


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Ongoing Projects

Name of Project Funding Programme Thematic Area
PlanDev Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Project Planning Development Services and Supporting Functions.
SIMWESTMED European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Maritime Spatial Planning
Thematic Trial Trigger (Three T) Interreg Europe Natural and Cultural Heritage
PA+ European Social Fund Human Resources
SpatialTRAIN Scholarships Scheme European Social Fund Geospatial technology
Human Resources Management within the Planning Authority Structural Reform Support Programme Human Resources
Awareness raising framework on the principles, objectives and implementation effectiveness of Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management Structural Reform Support Programme Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Strengthening the administrative capacity of the Planning Authority to implement the SEA Directive in relation to spatial planning both at land and at sea Structural Reform Support Programme Environment
Research on Smart Cities Structural Reform Support Programme Smart Cities
Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Western Mediterranean region European Maritime and Fisheries Fund Maritime Spatial Planning

Completed Projects

Name of Project Funding Programme Thematic Area
DEDUCE - Model for the Sustainable Development of European Coastal Zones Interreg IIIC Coastal Zone Management
InterMETREX - Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas Interreg IIIC Spatial Planning
PolyMETREX Plus II Interreg IIIC Spatial Planning
Wood CPR - Education and Training in Wood Conservation Restoration (ICMCH) Structural Funds 2007-2013 Heritage
Developing National Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure and Capacity Structural Funds 2007-2013 Information Resources