Development Brief Details

Qawra Coast Development Brief (Revised)

Approval date 11-07-2007

1. Background

The Government of Malta intends to develop the publicly owned coastal stretch of land between the New Dolmen Hotel and the area surrounding Qawra Tower (Fra Ben) at Qawra covering a total area of 3.5ha (refer to Map 1). Private sector involvement may be contemplated in the running of the facilities at a later stage. Government believes that the Bugibba area lacks a mix and variety of leisure facilities, and that this area would benefit from a visitor attraction. Moreover, rehabilitation of the area is also appropriate since dumped building material on the coastal stretch alongside the Qawra Tower portrays a derelict atmosphere, especially in view of the various historical and natural resources forming part of the coastal foreshore.

The original draft of this Brief, as approved in 2003, contained a marine aquarium as the main feature of the site. This proposal had been included since public sector authorities had received various enquiries from potential developers to set up an aquarium attraction on the islands. A tendering process was carried out by the Lands Department on behalf of Government, with active involvement of the Malta Tourism Authority. Even though one response was received to the tender, there was no successful conclusion to the discussions. In order to increase the possibility of successful implementation of the project, it was decided to amend the options for this site and propose mixed education and leisure related development, while still retaining the possibility of having the marine aquarium concept as one component. The revised Brief will enable MEPA to favourably consider a wider range of future applications for the development of the site.

The revised draft of the Brief was published for public consultation, according to section 27(2)(b) of the Development Planning Act 1992, on 21st March 2007, and the general public was invited to submit their comments until 2nd May 2007. Four submissions were received during this consultation period; for details refer to Appendix E.

2. Documents