Development Brief Details

Pender Place & Mercury House Development Brief

Approval date 07-05-2005

1. Background

Pender Place and Mercury House are the last major sites in Paceville with the potential for significant, large-scale development. Given the importance of the area for tourism, and its role as the main entertainment centre for the whole island, it is vitally important that the development should be of the highest standard, and should contribute positively to the upgrading of the whole locality.

The Development Brief relates to two sites, situated to the north and south of the St. Andrew’s Street (see map 1) in the southwest corner of Paceville. Whilst the development objectives for each site differ, and are considered separately in this brief, they are strongly inter-related. Therefore only comprehensive proposals, which will deliver all elements defined in the brief, will be regarded as acceptable.

Developments briefs have previously been prepared for these sites, however, for various reasons no substantive progress have been made. Consequently, productive use of parts of the sites has ceased, and only interim uses, for example surface car parking, are permitted in other areas.

Change in ownership of the site, and the advanced stage of the North Harbours Local Plan, make it opportune to prepare a new brief at this time, and thereby progress the process by which much required improvements could take place.

This Development Brief seeks to highlight site constraints, provide relevant background information, specify policy guidance for the development, and give requirements (detailed where necessary) for the development of these sites. This Brief also seeks to provide a framework where a commercially viable scheme is achieved within the prevailing constraints and opportunities. It also details the off-site improvements, mainly transport related, that will be required as part of the development.

Since issuing the Development Brief for public consultation, it has become evident that it is not feasible to include the land owned by Maltacom within the development area. In fact, the constraints associated with the possible impact of construction works close to the telephone exchange have required modifications to be made, particularly to the Mercury House site.

2. Documents