Development Brief Details

Marsaxlokk Inner Harbour Environment and Development

Approval date 30-08-2017

1. Background

This Environment and Development Brief (EDB) is concerned with the Inner Harbour area of Marsaxlokk as identified on Map 1 and embracing, amongst others, Triq il-Wilga, Xatt is-Sajjieda and parts of a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) including the existing Hunters Tower Restaurant Area.

The Marsaxlokk Bay Local Plan (MBLP,1995) had identified this area as an “Opportunity Area” (Map 1 refers) that requires the preparation of a development brief to determine the way the area needs to be developed over the plan period. Policy MS07 of the Marsaxlokk Bay Local Plan had defined opportunity areas as sites “where significant development or regeneration potential exists. Thus individual planning proposals need to be considered in a wider development context, taking into account the cumulative potential of the area. This context will be set out either in the form of guiding principles covering land use, a form of development and design, or development briefs which will consider the development potential of such area in more detail”. Therefore the policy requires development briefs to be prepared where the:
(i) Authority has a very clear view of the type of development it is seeking in order to meet wider planning objectives and the
(ii) Opportunity area in question is physically capable at the outset of accommodating such development without serious difficulty and following statutory processes and assessments.

The Local Plan provides a general indication that the Brief needs to be prepared, but the usual triggers are the pressures for development affecting an area considering a substantial existing activity that is already experienced in this area over a long period of time including permitted developments, fishing and recreation land uses. An analysis of the local situation in this Brief thus suggests that the pressures for development in this area have generally been confined to a relatively small pocket of land. Regard, therefore, has been paid in the Brief’s preparation to the best ways of accommodating this pressure in the context of wider planning objectives set out in the Local Plan.

2. Documents