Development Brief Details

Fort Cambridge Final Approved Plan

Approval date 27-01-2006

1. Background

The Fort Cambridge Area Development Brief provides the relevant background information and policy framework that guides the future development and conservation of this government owned land located at Tigne', Sliema. The Brief follows an overall strategy that promotes the efficient re-use and conservation of the existing historic heritage assets found on site, including Fort Cambridge and its outer works.

The site presently includes hotel accommodation and related facilities and a substantial area of open and undeveloped land mainly surrounding Fort Cambridge. The Fort dates to circa the 1880's and its design is similar to Fort Rinella in Kalkara. Both Forts housed the famous 100-ton coastal gun.

The existing hotel area that is planned for redevelopment consists of two main buildings. The western block dates back to the early 1900s British military period, whilst the larger eastern block is recent and dates to the early 1980's.

The Brief's redevelopment strategy focuses on contributing in a balanced and sustainable manner towards the improvement of the cultural heritage, social and economic aspects of this area of Tigne'. The Brief therefore promotes developments that positively contribute towards achieving the objectives of heritage improvement and promotion, encouragement of compatible and economically viable development, protection of the residential areas and the increase of publicly accessible, open spaces to improve the quality of the public realm.

2. Documents