Consultation Details

Review of Fuel Service Station Policy (2015) (Phase 3)

Published 20-09-2019
Closing date 01-11-2019

1. Background

The Planning Authority has re-issued for public consultation the draft policy framework for fuel stations. The draft policy is being re-issued after the Authority took into consideration the numerous submissions it received from interested stakeholders and the public during the last public consultation period earlier this year.

The new amended draft includes a number of changes which will make it more restrictive for new fuel stations to be granted planning permission. One of the key amendments is that it will become compulsory that for an existing fuel station to be granted planning permission to be relocated it needs to still be in operation at the time that the development application is submitted to the Planning Authority. Therefore, out-of-operation fuel stations will not be allowed to get relocated. Additionally, the Authority is also making it a pre-requisite that an existing fuel station must be creating negative issues of amenity, safety and transport within the built environment for it to get relocated. 

The Authority in this document also makes it clear that this policy framework will also be applicable those fuel station applications which were submitted prior to the coming into force of this policy and have not yet been determined.

2. Documents

Alternate TextFuel stations revised public consultation document

Alternate TextFuel stations revised public consultation with amendments

Alternate TextFuel Stations Policy_comments after public consultation Phase 2

Alternate TextFuel Stations Policy  comments on Objectives

3. Submission of Input

Representations are to be made in writing and sent to email address: [email protected]. Submissions must reach the Authority by not later than 1st November 2019.

Thank you for your input.