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Partial Review of the Ta’ Qali Action Plan (2000) - Phase 2

Published 12-09-2019
Closing date 25-10-2019

1. Background

The Planning Authority, following guidance from Government, has published a number of proposed policy changes for a site in Ta’ Qali which is currently and inappropriately zoned as an industrial area, adjacent to the Malta National Park. The primary scope behind this partial review is to designate the site, characterized by mixed uses, as a quality commercial destination through sustainable architectural and urban design with adequate infrastructure provision. The new Ta’ Qali Commercial area will purposefully mitigate against the negative impact that the current uses are having on the character of the surrounding area, particularly the formal and informal recreational area.

2. Documents

Alternate TextTa' Qali Action Plan (2000) - Phase 2 

3. Submission of Input

Representations on the proposed review are to be made in writing and sent through e-mail address: [email protected]. Submissions are to reach the Authority by Friday 25th October 2019.

Thank you for your input.