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Partial local review of the 2002 grand harbour local plan (Marsa) and the 2006 south Malta local plan (Luqa) as amended in 2011, and a partial local plan review of the 2006 central Malta local plan for Qormi, as amended in 2013 and 2017 - (Phase 1)

Published 07-03-2019
Closing date 29-03-2019

Review of the 2002 Grand Harbour Local Plan (Marsa) and the 2006 South Malta Local Plan (Luqa) as amended in 2011

Government is requesting the Authority to carry out a partial local plan review of the Grand Harbour Local Plan policy GM24 with the following objectives:

a)       To remove the need for a development brief for the whole area;

b)       To designate a range of sub-zones within the area covered by policy GM24 provided that the site indicated as the Marsa Horse Racing Track shown in the Figure  above is designated as a unique and separate sub-zone for the development of the Horse Racing Track and supporting uses;

c)       To formulate a unique and separate development framework for the sub-zone of the Horse Racing Track and the other sub-zones;

d)       To carry out a re-apportionment of the total built footprint and the gross developable floorspace (GDF) established by policy GM24 as approved in 2011 between the new sub-zones, provided that the built footprint of 60,000 sqm and the GDF of 114,000 sq m are not increased;

e)       To revise or delete any other provision of policy GM24 which is deemed to prejudice the objectives set out under a) to d) above.


Review of the 2006 Central Malta Local Plan for Qormi, as amended in 2013 and 2017.

The Central Malta Local Plan provisions for Qormi as detailed out in policy QO05 and in PC 15/09 and PC 51/16 about the site indicated in the  Figure below need to be reviewed with the following objective:

f)        To amend the provisions of policy QO05 and planning control applications 15 of 2009 and 51 of 2016 related to the maximum allowable height of buildings and delete the condition that the roof of the building below the level of Triq Hal Qormi (arterial road) should be allocated for soft landscaping to enable the increase of the allowable building heights to 11.4 m above the upper road level.

This review will require amendments to the current provisions of policy GM 24 and Figure A in the Grand Harbour Local Plan of 2011 and to the provisions of policy QO05 in the Central Malta Local Plan of 2006 and PC15/09 and PC51/16.

The map indicating the site area which will be affected by this review may be viewed here

Representations are to be made in writing and sent through e-mail address: [email protected]

Submissions on the proposed objectives need to reach the Authority by the 29th March 2019.