Action Plan Details

Crown Works/Horn Works Action Plan

Approval date 21-07-2001

1. Background

The Crown Works/Horn Works Action Plan’s main objective focuses on upgrading and improving public access to the important historical area known as the ‘La Galdiana’ or the Crown Works and Horn Works fortifications area. This unique design dating to the late 1600s forms part of the Valletta/Floriana fortifications network. The upgrading of these fortifications has long been awaited but has not been possible due to inappropriate, conflicting and incompatible land uses which should have been planned elsewhere and not within this prime heritage area.
This document also presents detailed guidelines for two main projects identified within the Structure Plan  policy PTR10 and the Grand Harbour Local Plan policy GF20. These policies highlight the need to plan for a Park and Ride Project and also provide for a Carnival Centre Project. Both projects have been planned for nearly a decade and await approval. The projects are linked to long term improvement plans for Valletta and Floriana. In effect, planned strategic changes regarding transport, such as vehicular access to Valletta and Floriana and a general upgrading of the transport regime in these cities and also the planned upgrading of other historical sites, such as Fort St. Elmo are interlinked with the actions taken in this Action Plan. This implies that although the Action Plan is site specific in nature, it involves strategic concerns of the utmost importance.
The implementation of the objectives of the Action Plan following approval by the Planning Authority, will require a number of relocations of incompatible uses which conflict with the development and rehabilitation plans for the upgrading of the area.  A number of accretions and inappropriate buildings and structures are also recommended for demolition.  Once such tasks have been completed the area can be presented as a site of national heritage importance it rightfully deserves, free from the clutter of mixed uses which have created a dismal picture of the heritage in the area.  This will also allow for its full appreciation by locals and tourists.  
The upgrading of the site will also ensure that the short-listing of the site as one of the historical sites being considered by UNESCO as a possible candidate for World Heritage Status in its tentative list is finally achieved. It is planned that the improvements to the site, including the removal, relocation or demolition of all incompatible uses, will lead to the implementation of a Heritage Trail along the outer fortifications incorporating the Crown/Horn Works and the Carnival Centre linked to the Sir Luigi Preziosi Garden in Floriana.  This will be a prime example of how the country can utilize its fortifications sustainably for the needs of the future, whilst still promoting its past.

2. Documents