Action Plan Details

2010 Revisions to the 2006 Ta`Qali Action Plan

Approval date 08-02-2010

1. Background

Structure Plan Policy REC 7 identifies Ta’ Qali as the National Recreation Centre for Malta, and the optimisation of the site for further recreational development.  Sport and recreational development uses will therefore be considered favourably within those designated Policy Areas of the Action Plan allocated for such development.
The Action Plan’s main aims are to secure Ta’ Qali as a recreational area providing wide ranging formal and informal activities for both the general public and tourist.  This objective is consistent with the Structure Plan Policy for the area which designates Ta’ Qali as the National Recreation Centre.  In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to make land available through planning policies in order to accommodate new and existing recreational and sports uses whilst separating and containing non-recreational land uses which may cause adverse impacts on these areas.  Major impact sports or commercial/industrial uses which constitute an unacceptable adverse environmental impact will be relocated.
The Action Plan provides additional safeguards to protect the existing strategic gaps between Attard and Ta’ Qali, and Mdina and Ta’ Qali.
The Action Plan contains specific land use policies suggesting ways of improving the general environment of the area and working towards a more harmonious existence between the different uses in Ta’ Qali.  These policies are concerned with general and specific issues and areas within Ta’ Qali.  The parts of Ta’ Qali to which they apply are indicated on the policy map accompanying the Action Plan.  Various policies relate to more than one particular area.

2. Documents