Application Forms

Development Management

Title PDF
Sample Application For Development Permission Sample Form PA 1/17
Applicant's Notification to Owner Form PA 1/16
Change of Perit Form Form PA 2A/16
Change of Applicant FORM 3A/16
Request for Reconsideration of Conditions FORM 4/16
Application for Minor Amendments to Permission Form 5A/16
ISC Waiver Form Form 9/16
Restoration Method Statement (RMS) Guidelines (Buildings) Template
Restoration Method Statement (RMS) Guidelines (Monument) Template
Request for CPPS/UIF Refund Form PA 2/18
Commencement Notice - Works Not Affecting Third Parties Form
Commencement Notice / Site Management Responsibility Form (includes Avoidance of Damage) Full Form

Development Notification Order

Title PDF
Application for Development Notification Order Form 10B/16

Planning Control Application

Title PDF
Application for Planning Control FORM 14/16
Form PC-A relates to notification of other owners and third parties FORM 15/16
Form PC-B relates to the collated exercise of notification cross referenced to a map FORM 16/16
Form PC-C is almost identical to form PC-B except that it makes provision for instances where not all FORM 17/16
Form PC-D relates to the no objection requirement FORM 18/16
Guidance Note to assist architects and applicants to fill in forms PC-A to PC-D Guidance Note
Ownership Declaration Form FORM 19/16
Template to use for advertising on newspapers in situations where other owners are not known Template

Development Planning Fund

Title PDF
Application Form Development Planning Fund form
Architect's Declaration Architect's declaration form
Request for Extension of Time Request for extension form
Variations Template Variations Template


Title PDF
Regularisation Ownership Declaration FORM 21/16
Regularisation Notification to Owner FORM 22/16

BCA – Avoidance of Damage to Third Parties

Title PDF/Word Document
Declaration – Not Under the Scope of Reg 4 of LN 136/19 Form
Declaration - Not affecting third party property Form
Request to Director BCA– Exemption re Site Technical Officer (Form B) Form
Request to Director BCA – To Carry Out Emergency Works (Form C) Form
FULL FORM - Site Management Works Affecting 3rd Party Form
SUMMARY FORM - Site Management Works Affecting 3rd Party Form
Change of Responsibility Form Form
Method Statement for Demolition Works Template
Method Statement for Excavation Works Template
Method Statement for Building Works Template
Condition Report Template