Planning Circular

Title Planning Circular Issued Date
Submission of change of perit/applicant on part of site CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Parking provision relating to outdoor tables & chairs CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Online submission of development notifications (dnos) CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Online submission of requests for compliance certification CIR 2/17 24-07-2017
Amalgamation of PA funds available to local councils CIR 1/17 15-02-2017
Floor to floor heights in the application of the floor area ratio CIR 1/17 15-02-2017
Submission requirements for planning applications CIR 4/16 06-09-2016
Regularisation of existing development regulations (2016) CIR 3/16 22-08-2016
New contact details for the planning authority / Availability of new forms Submission requirements for applications relating to government property CIR 2/16 24-04-2016
The concession on the duty/final tax treatment of the acquisition/transfer of uca/scheduled property CIR1/16 18-01-2016