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Result output on 24 February 2018

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Case Status Awating Recommendation

Application Details
Case Number:PA/09759/17
Location of development:St. Mary & St. Henry, Triq il-Pwales, Xemxija, San Pawl il-Bahar, Malta
Description of works:Proposed demolition of dwellings. Construction of 5 apartments, a recessed floor and semi-basement garage.
Applicant:Arnold Cini
Architect:Perit Daniel Grima
Reception date:20 September 2017

Initial Processing
Validation Date:06 December 2017
Target Date:02 April 2018
Application Type:Full development permission
Case Category:Within Development Zone
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Date Published in Newspapers:06 December 2017
Representation Expiry Date:15 January 2018

Case Officer:Clint Chetcuti