March, 01, 2018

The Planning Authority started to carry out remedial works on the ex-International Hotel building in Bugibba which today is not only in a dilapidated state but has become the cause of bad neighbourliness for the surrounding area.

The Authority’s intervention is to address the rundown appearance of the building so as to mitigate the negative visual impact it is causing on this prime tourism/entertainment area. The reparatory works include the blocking of apertures and the plastering and painting of facade elements.

The Planning Authority is setting out on an exercise to address and tackle the dilapidated condition of buildings and sites which are the cause of eyesores and bad neighbourliness in prominent urban areas. While the buildings themselves may not be illegal, however, the Authority may use its enforcement powers to act where “the amenity of any area is injured by the appearance or structural condition of any building or any land.”

Similar to other direct actions taken by the Authority, the costs of the remedial works shall be recovered from the owner of the building.

Owners of derelict buildings are urged to take the initiative and carry out the necessary repair works so as to avoid incurring the additional costs of the Authority’s direct actions.