Malta Architect Awards 2016

At a special ceremony that was held at the Mediterrean Conference Center in Valletta the eight winners of the Malta Architect Award categories were announced. 

The Awards, organised by iMNG ltd and sponsored by the Planning Authority and Jaguar seek to recognise local expertise in the professions of architecture, civil engineering and interior design and showcase those projects, which today are positively contributing towards quality design in our streetscapes and urban context.
The winners of the Awards were announced by the Chairman of the Jury Perit Vincent Cassar who in his opening address said “I hope that these awards will, in time, introduce a culture of excellence within the profession. Excellence cannot, and must not, remain a clique word which we only aspire to or use in places or events such as the one we are participating in here tonight, but needs to become the DNA and mindset by which the profession of architects operates in,”

The appointed jury that assessed the entries was composed of both local and foreign professionals, namely Chairman of the Jury Perit Vincent Cassar, Perit Conrad Thake, Perit Joe Galea, Mr James Vella Clark and Architect Peter Oborn, who is the Vice President International of the Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA). Additionally, a technical team Mr Luciano Micallef, Perit Professor Vincent Buhagiar, Mr Paul Bugeja, CEO of the Malta Tourism Authority and Mr Joseph Magro Conti, had also been appointed to support the jury in covering different fields of expertise in accordance with the various categories for these awards.

- open to projects by periti who have worked on rehabilitation and conservation projects.

The Award was won by Perit Martin Xuereb for the restoration and upgrading of the Cittadella, Gozo. This project comprised a master plan for the walled city in Gozo which provides the urban framework for a significant contribution to the preservation of the architectural heritage as well as unlocking the economic and tourist potential of the Citadel.






The two special commendations went to: 

 Air Stream Group for the refurbishment and upgrading of Hangar no 3 at the AFM Airwing Quarters which project presented a sensitive preservation of a wartime military structure and integrating within it a contemporary hangar facility. The project is laudable for creating a new structural system and giving back a new ease of life to the hangar, and providing a functional and visible use to a historic military structure.






Periti Dorianne Cachia and Amanda de Giovanni, who come from the Restoration Directorate, for the rehabilitation and restoration of part of the Landfront fortifications of Birgu, which fortifications had fallen into a state of disuse and repair, and for creating a valuable public amenity for the benefit and enjoyment of the local community.    






2. PUBLIC BUILDINGS AWARD - open to projects by periti who have worked on public buildings, including theatres, galleries, libraries, visitor centres, civic and religious buildings and shopping centres, offices etc .

 The Award was won by Perit Martin Xuereb for the rehabilitation and re-use of a British-period reservoir, transforming it into a visitors’ facility which adds value to the visitors’ experience of the Cittadella whilst respecting its historic character. It adds newly accessible public space from what was previously a sealed-off reservoir.






The special commendation went to:
 Perit Ray Demicoli
for his project comprising the replacement of what was previously a cluster of derelict and non-descript structures, known as the House of Four Winds, into a delicate, well-proportioned pavilion-like structure in a highly sensitive location abutting the fortifications onto Marsamxett.






3.RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS AWARD - open to projects by periti who have worked on all forms of residential development, including single residences and large-scale multiple unit residential developments.

 The Award went to Periti Bernard Vella and Ian Camilleri Cassar for the redevelopment of an existing residence at Triq l-Imriehel, Birkirkara.   







4. INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS AWARD - open to projects by periti and interior designers, with particular emphasis on the interior of all types of buildings.

 The Award went to Periti Sarah Calleja and Alexia Rausi for their design of the Photo City shop in South Street, Valletta.







The two special commendations went to:
 Archi Architect Studio for the refurbishment of an apartment styled as “Celebrating Curves” at Ta’ Xbiex.  







 Periti Alan Psaila, Simon Grech and Andrew Vinci for the interior design of the Engel and Volkers Sara Grech new offices in Mriehel.







5. HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE PROJECTS AWARD- open to periti who have worked on hospitality projects, tourism accommodation, health and spa centres, sports facilities, leisure centres and entertainment facilities.

 The Award went to Periti Ian Critien and Andrea Vassallo Cesario for their project related to the conversion and change of use of a residence to a guest house known as Ursolino situated at St Ursola Street, Valletta.






6. INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENGINEERING AWARD – open to projects by civil and structural engineers including roads, bridges, infrastructure, building structures and other innovative projects.

 The Award went to Perit Mario Balzan, from the Water Services Corporation, for the laying of underground water pipes using trenchless technology methods for the North Infrastructure route from a site at Tat-Tomna to Bingemma and another route from Ta’ Barkat Sewage Treatment Plant at Xghajra to the Sant Antnin Sewage Treatment Plant at Marsascala.






7. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AWARD - open to projects by periti and engineers which have made an outstanding contribution to furthering a sustainable built environment. 
No award would be given in this category.    

8. YOUNG ARCHITECT AWARD - open to projects (built or unbuilt) which have been designed by Young Architects who have been warrant holders since 1st January 2011.

 The Award was won by Periti Paula Agius Vadala and Kata Abela Cassar for the interior design and refurbishment of the offices of a religious institution and involved a complete makeover of the executive floor.







The Malta Architect Awards were organised by iMNG Ltd, and sponsored by The Planning Authority together with the Jaguar brand of exclusive cars.